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Who we Are, What we Do and How we Do it!

We bring in Steel, Aluminium and Glass and get everything done, Quality Guaranteed!

We’re Return-On-Investments (ROI)  Guarantors and Asset-Builders.  We build deep relationships with our customers, so they can build deeper relationships with their own customers, employees or Families through the use of the best quality resources, Products and services. We’re fluent in Steel, Aluminium and Glass. We designed our company to allow you to have a bunch of your projects executed under one company to ensure a seamless final Quality Guarantee. 

ROI-PROJECTS is distinguished by solid corporate philosophies; leadership, total commitment to new and innovative technology, as well as providing exceptional value and superior service to our clients. We are constantly seeking ways to improve the services we provide our clients through the implementation of our values.


We maintain a staff of more than 30 professionals and field employees. Our commitment to our people has made us the employer of choice in our region. Several of our specialists and field personnel have served with us for more than 5 years since our founding. 

Our teams are built with several layers of supervision and inspection from Workshop manager, Senior Specialists, Specialists and Assistants. Overall, we have a Quality Assessor who visits each site after work is completed to inspect and ensure Quality has been delivered. 

OUR WORK PROCESS  -   Request a Quotation, Accept the quotation, Pay Deposit and sign our service agreement and work begins. For most projects, our delivery time is approximately four to five business days.


About Us


Below are a bunch of reasons for you to choose us: